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She made more headlines when the label dropped her after only two discs, apparently as a consequence of the demands being made by Chloë and her parents.But it seems the Hanslips might have been dancing to their daughter's tune, since it was the seven-year-old Chloë who insisted she must have tuition from the Russian violin guru Professor Zakhar Bron.The super-violinist Niccolò Paganini was often locked in a room for hours by his father and forced to practise, a regime that helped him develop a drink problem by the age of 16.More recently, the photogenic fiddler Vanessa-Mae was allegedly tyrannised by her mother, Pamela, who was also her manager.Music's most famous child genius was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who began his composing and performing career at the age of five, and his overbearing father, Leopold, is renowned as the original "pushy parent".Ever since, generations of young musicians have had to cope with the burden of precocious talent and great expectations.

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Where he had experienced only blithe confidence, suddenly there was doubt and insecurity.

It's got an extremely chill, California-esque vibe: sparsely and thoughtfully decorated by young designer Brett Robinson, whose model girlfriend Jacqueline Jablonski was enjoying a coffee when we shot the spot yesterday.

Which is all to just say something of the crowd you'll find hanging here. The idea here was to make it feel like an intimate dinner party meets a tasting menu experience, with guests starting in the casual living room space and then heading right—greeting Flynn and his squad, then being seated at a blonde wood banquette covered in yellow velvet cushions, or by the kitchen at an intimate table for five or six.

"I was incredibly nervous, and I couldn't handle the pressure.

You have to have the right mixture of humility and confidence, and this mixture was not there.

If you have a love for music, it doesn't really matter what ups and downs you have."In 2002, 12-year-old violinist Jennifer Pike became the youngest-ever BBC Young Musician of the Year, but has avoided a ruinous schedule of travel and concert appearances.

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