Who is dating emily deschanel

Let me guess: You're thinking, "Wait, isn't she married to that Death Cab for Cutie Guy? And now is a good a time as any to review Zooey Deschanel's dating history.Warning: It's kind of boring, because Deschanel doesn't seem to be into having too many high-profile celebrity relationships and tends to stay in relationships long-term.

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Here's everybody Deschanel has dated in the past 15 years... Schwartzman was Deschanel's first "real" boyfriend, and they began dating when they were both 19.the person who wrote it only changed the name from Anna Nicole Smith's death report on her Wikipedia page.that is why it says 'in her hotel room' instead of 'his'.She works closely with FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, who she later develops a personal relationship with.The show was loosely based on a series of books by Kathy Reichs.It definitely doesn't sound like he's pining over his ex, though — in 2009, he married Brady Cunningham and in June 2014, they welcomed their second child.

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