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For many sexually active girls, their vulnerability to STI/HIV infection is enhanced due to financial inequality, gender-related power difference and cultural norms.The desire for love and sexual pleasure also contributed to their multiple concurrent partnerships.with in-school males, in-school females, out-of-school males, out-of-school females).A topic guide was used, that was pre-tested for face and construct validity.Of the young women aged 15-24, HIV prevalence is three times higher than HIV among their male counterparts.The contrasting HIV prevalence between boys and girls is a pattern observed in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa [].

We sought permission from the persons in charge and ensured confidentiality of all collected information.

A substantial number of girls and young women engaged in transactional sex, often with much older working partners.

These partners had a stronger socio-economic position than young women, enabling them to use money/gifts as leverage for sex.

Using the sampling framework of the multicentre study, quota sampling was used to ensure diversity in age, socio economic status (SES) of household, and education [].

A qualitative interview guide was developed in English and translated into Swahili and Luo.

Prior to the in-depth interviews, verbal informed consent/assent was obtained from all adolescents, in addition to parental consent for minors.

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