Virtual dating guy games


Every choice you make has it’s own rewards or consequences as you try to appeal to his personality and personal side.As you progress in your relationship- He will grow to like you more and with each new level achieved, it will open up new ways of interacting with him.You don't want to make a complete fool out of yourself do you?

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You are Pico, who is trying to win the love of the girl. This cute Flash game is easy to play and is sure to keep you entertained as you go on virtual dates and try to find true love.Types to choose from include: Alpha Urban, Geek, Metrosexual and the Lover! Engage in a conversation, Take actions, Go on activities like mini golf or a dinner date, You can also physically interact with him – touch, tickle or even slap him if you like.– Who might just melt your heart with his poetic compliments. You can get him gifts if he’s sweet, and If you get him a new outfit- he will even wear it for you. My Virtual Boyfriend is a fun and flirty dating simulation game where the objective is date the guy of your dreams, and get him to fall in love with you.It boasts hundreds of handsome hotties to choose from, all with their own unique personalities and appearance.It’s all about flirting and romance – so just how good of a flirt are you?

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