Validating visual basic 2016 text box

A worksheet form is not the same thing as an Excel template.

A template is a pre-formatted file that can get you started creating a workbook that looks the way you want.

In a data form, you can enter new rows, find rows by navigating, or (based on cell contents) update rows and delete rows .

If a cell contains a formula, the formula result is displayed in the data form, but you cannot change the formula by using the data form.

When a user of the form clicks the control, the control runs the macro.

However, these controls cannot be added to User Forms, used to control events, or modified to run Web scripts on Web pages.

In addition to these sets of controls, you can also add objects from the Drawing tools, such as a Auto Shapes, Word Art, Smart Art graphic, or text boxes.

Turns on or off a value that indicates an opposite and unambiguous choice.

You can select more than one check box on a worksheet or in a group box.

A form contains controls, such as boxes or dropdown lists, that can make it easier for people who use your worksheet to enter or edit data.

To find out more about templates you can download, see Excel templates.

For example, you might have a check box that you want to move together with its underlying cell when the range is sorted.

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