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Bass asked for Fishel's number but then shied away from making the first move, so his bandmate Justin Timberlake telephoned Fishel and pretended to be Bass until he finally worked up the nerve to jump on the phone himself.

For their first date Bass took Fishel to a Celine Dion Christmas special taping.

Will Cory side with his best friend or his girlfriend?

Guest star: Richard Karn as Victor Absent: Alex D├ęsert as Mr.

But, more importantly, Topanga also seems very upset about it, and decides to break things off with Cory with no explanation.

Guest star: Anastasia Horne as Christi Absent: William Russ as Alan Matthews Shawn takes the new guidance counselor's advice too literally, and decides to run away to Europe.

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Eli Williams While Topanga is sick, Cory becomes the object of a pretty girl's insistent affections. Meanwhile, Eric spends his money in a get-rich-quick scheme.

It was broadcast as part of the ABC comedy block TGIF on Friday evening, airing at between Family Matters and Step by Step.

This is the first season to have Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews. Eric continues to worry about college, so he signs up for the Film Club, and must sell tickets to an unpopular film.

Eli Williams Cory and Shawn soil Janitor Bud's reputation when they produce a videotaped report on time-clock fraud for a media-arts class project. Feeny must fire Janitor Bud, a move that makes Cory and Shawn unpopular with the rest of the student body.

Guest stars: Blake Soper as Joey, Kathy Trageser as Monique, Bob Larkin as Janitor Bud Eric and Cory decide to throw a rave, but they pick the worst possible date to have a party: the same day as their parents' 20th wedding anniversary.

Luckily, the girl who did get Topanga was unable to take notes from the director after their first rehearsal so they let her go and Fishel auditioned again, finally nabbing the part.

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