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Actually, turns out there's a site where you can already watch the live footage of thousands of CCTV cameras from all over the world."All of our computers might currently be infected," the professor said.

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He took the phone and messaged the the girl pretending to be a police officer.Basically 'cybercrime' is hard to quantify and we don't have a clear picture.Instead, what we have is a bunch of widely varying statistics and some not very helpful but quite scary and exciting maps showing cyber attacks as they occur around the globe."I'm a cop in NSW, this happens all the time, a few weeks ago I had three guys in one day come in to report the same thing.. Feel for you silly boys.""The exact same thing happened to me, but I transferred around 00 via wire transfer to the person in the Ukraine.Watch the ladies getting their orgasms in hot ways!One day in Melbourne, when the sun was out and the birds were singing, Matt opened an email and was greeted with a video of a man wanking.The statistics from Australia's very own government cybercrime initiative are a lot lower.

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